A funeral is an event of great importance that marks the passing of a loved one whilst giving those left behind a chance to grieve and come to terms with their loss. It can also be a time to celebrate the life that has now come to an end and to remember them with an occasion that honours them as a person in a manner they themselves would be pleased with.

In many ways a funeral is as much about those who are left behind as those that have passed and there is no reason why a ceremony cannot fill the role of marking an ending while also reassuring and comforting the ones who remain.

There is a greater variety and scope as to what can be included in a funeral service than people often believe and you should not feel intimidated by the perceived formality of the occasion. All of the professionals involved are there to support your wishes as best they can and it is your preferences that will ultimately define the ceremony.

I will be able to guide you in whatever direction you think suitable, making suggestions as to readings and music if needed, while taking your wishes and ideas fully into account. Contributions and tributes from family and friends are welcome and I will work those into the service as required, either reading them myself or inviting people up to speak.

As an independent celebrant, I have no objections to the inclusion or exclusion of religious aspects and will be happy to respect all faiths and beliefs. It is in my nature to conduct services as inclusive events in which all of those attending feel welcome.

I will normally fix arrangements with the bereaved during a face-to-face meeting of up to two hours and by further liaising with the Funeral Director and Crematorium or burial site. Within the particular time restraints of whatever service is being planned, arrangements can be amended and modified to the satisfaction of the bereaved. It is my aim to make this as straightforward and calm a process as can be and one that has the best possible outcome for all concerned.

The cost per funeral is generally £175. This includes the two-hour meeting, all communications, the service itself and a copy of the entire service for you to keep.

The first time I spoke with Ian he made me feel so relaxed, felt like he was one of us and he was hired on the spot! Ian gave us a service that turned out exactly as planned and then some. Standing ovation and a rapturous applause at the end. Incredible.
Julie – 2018

Ian Hoey the Celebrant was masterful and came across as a close friend.
Tony – 2018