A wedding is a special, memorable day and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be exactly the way you want it to be. There is no need to follow any convention, so you can have whatever type of ceremony, wherever and whenever you want.

Please note that Independent Celebrants, not associated with any recognised religion nor operating within the confines of Humanism, are currently not granted the authority of completing the legally binding aspect of a marriage. Therefore, to fulfil legal obligations, any ceremony an Independent Celebrant conducts would have to be in tandem with the perfunctory attendance at a Register Office where a registrar would fulfil the legalities in front of two witnesses. This could be done at any time before or after the fun and emotional coming together that an independent ceremony has to offer.

Obviously, these legal rules do not apply to the renewing of vows. If you would like to reaffirm your long-term commitment to a partner or exchange vows and celebrate your marriage in front of family and friends who may have missed the first occasion, there are no constraints as to what we can do. The possibilities are almost limitless.

The cost per wedding ceremony is generally £350. This includes all preparation, a rehearsal and the service itself. If the wedding also requires a registrar, this cost will be additional to the above fee.